ITEM ‑ 62(b)




Union Pacific Railroad Company‑Eastern District


Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen.


In disposition of dispute between the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and the Union Pacific Railroad‑Eastern District, over the appli­cation of Article II, Sections l and 2, “Expenses Away From Home” of the National Agreement dated June 25, 1964 as it applies to “assigned” and “unassigned” work train service.




Part 1


Assigned Work Train Service ‑ (Snow Plow, Wrecker, etc.)


_ _ _


(a) Bulletins establishing regular assigned work train service (snow plow, wrecker, etc.) shall designate one tie‑up point, and the tie‑up point so designated shall be the home terminal for such assignment, in applying Sections 1 and 2 of Article II (Expenses Away From Home) of the june 25, 1964‑agreement.




“Applications will be received in this office until 12:01 p.m., Sunday, October 2, 1966 for positions Of one (1) con­ductor and two (2) brakemen on work train operating on Kearney Branch, handling pile driver and other M of I.T work. Reporting time 7:30 a.m. daily except Sunday: tying up at most con­venient points.


NOTE: For the purposes of applying Sections 1 and 2 of Article II of the June 25, 1964 agreement, Kearney is designated as the home terminal for this work train assignment.”




(b) It is recognized that extra men pro­tecting such service during the life of the bulletin are subject only to the starting time fixed by the bulletin. Therefore, extra men protecting such service during life of the bulletin shall be paid the meal allowance and shall be furnished suitable lodging or pay in lieu thereof, when tied up four hours or more at a point other than the home terminal of the district, the same as unassigned work train service covered by Part 2 of this agreement.


Part 2



Unassigned Work Train Service ‑ (Snow Plow, Wrecker, etc.)




When pool crews or extra made up crews are tied up in unassigned work train service for four hours or more at a point other than the home terminal of the district, the meal and lodging expense provided by Sections l and 2 of Article II of the June 25, 1964 agree­ment shall apply.


Part 3




(a) At locations other than those listed in the agreement of February 17, 1965, where the Company is required under the terms of the agreement of June 25, 1964 to provide suitable lodging, or an equitable allowance in lieu thereof, em­ployes shall arrange for suitable lodging comparable to accommodations re­ferred to in the agreement of February 17, 1965, and upon presentation of authentic receipt for payment made by the employe, he shall be reimbursed by the Company. Under this provision the Company may, at any time, make arrange­ments at any tie‑up point other than the locations listed in the agreement of February l7, 1965 to provide suit­able lodging at Company expense, at a specific establishment, provided such




accommodations are mutually agreed be­tween the General Manager and the General Chairman, BofRT, or their designated representatives, as “suitable lodging”.


(b) The Organization agrees that outfit cars may be used in extreme emergencies cre­ated by an Act of Providence such as, but not limited to, floods, snowstorms, earthquakes, etc., at locations where suitable accommodations are not avail­able, and it is not possible to trans­port crews to points where suitable accommodations are available, only for the duration of such emergencies.


All pending claims of record which have been properly submitted under the agree­ment dated April 8, 1965 and which are accompanied by valid receipts will be settled in accordance with this agree­ment, and no other claims antedating the date of this agreement will be submitted or considered.


Dated at Omaha, Nebraska this 30th day of September, 1966.






Is/ H. A. Janulewicz Is/ O. A. Durrant

General Chairman, BofRT General Manager