ITEM ‑ 62


March 3, 1966




TR‑85          .


Mr. W. R. Sippel, Genera1 Chairman Order of Railway Conductors & Bkmn., 514 Hynds Building, 16th & Capitol, Cheyenne, Wyoming


H. A. Janulewicz, General Chairman, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, 718 Kilpatrick Building, Om aha, Nebraska




This has reference to joint letter dated October 6, 1965 requesting that Rules 62(d)(1)(b) and (4)(b) of the current agreement be modified insofar as their application to the 5th Seniority District (Cheyenne-Laramie), Wyoming Division, is concerned.


Rules 62(d)(1)(b) and (4)(b) of the current schedule read as follows:


Rule 62(d)(1)(b):


“When a work train is placed in service prior to date indicated in the bulletin, it will be manned On each day service is per­formed by pool freight crew until assignment is made at expiration of bulletin.”


Rule 62(d)(4)(b):


“Prior to the date work train service is bulletined, it will be manned on each day service is performed by pool freight crew.


It is agreed that the above quoted rules will be modified for the 5th Seniority District (Cheyenne‑Laramie), Wyoming Division, as follows:


(1) When it is known prior to calling time that an extra or unassigned work train operating out of home terminal Cheyenne is to be used in short turnaround service, an extra crew will be called. If an extra crew is not available, the first out pool crew will be called.


(2) When it is known prior to calling time that extra or unassigned work train is to be operated Cheyenne to Laramie, such train wil1 be manned in accordance with Rules 62(d)(1)(b) and (4)(b).


(3) It is understood that there may be occasions when an extra or unassigned work train, called to operate on a short turn­around basis, must of necessity be operated through to Laramie. In that event the extra crew will not be used in pool freight service out of Laramie unless there are no pool freight crews available at Laramie with the understanding they will be called on arrival at Laramie. Pool freight crews called for such trains operating out of Cheyenne when no extra crews are available will take their place on the board at Laramie in accordance with the provisions of agreement dated April 15, 1953, effective April 18, 1953, “Modifi­cation of Rule 4l”, as modified by agreements of June 30, 1955. _


This agreement will be effective April l5, 1966 and will terminate upon 10 days written notice by any of the parties signatory hereto.


Yours truly,




Is/ J. R. Sippel

General Chairman, ORC&B


Is/ H. A. Janulewicz

General Chairman, BofRT