ITEM ‑ 41(w)


Supplemental Agreement


The various so‑called "Blue Print Board" agreements in effect on several districts contain provision for crews making short turnaround trips out of far terminals, or out of far and home ter­minals, and that under certain conditions they will be placed on the board per arrival at the terminal.


The various agreements do not specifi­cally provide where such crews will stand on the board when an adjustment thereof is necessary be­cause of pool crews operating over the district being runaround en route.


It is agreed, effective July 1, 1959:


A crew making a turnaround trip out of the far terminal or home terminal will be placed on the board per arrival at the terminal, unless otherwise specified by special agreements, and their position on the board will not be disturbed when crews which have been run around en route are rearranged and placed on the board in accordance with the applicable agreement.


For example: Crews A, B. C and D depart from terminal in that order. These crews and a crew making a turnaround arrive at the terminal and are to be placed on the board as follows:


Arrival at Terminal  Placement on Board at Terminal


      Crew C                  Crew A

        "  D                    "  B          

        "  A                    "  C

    Turnaround Crew      Turnaround Crew

      Crew B                  Crew B


Dated at Omaha, Nebraska, this 11th day of June, 1959.