ITEM ‑ 41(e)


June 6, 1978


This refers to your request for a modification of Rule 41(e)(8) of the Road Agreement for the territory Chevenne‑Rawlins, which was discussed with you in conference on May 31, 1978.


Rule 41(e)(8) reads:


"When necessary to use crews that are dead­heading at an intermediate point on the district, crews will be set out or used in the inverse order in which they stood at the initial terminal if they are to continue in the direction in which the crews are dead­heading."


It is agreed that the following is added to this rule:


"When crews are deadheaded out of Rawlins or Hanna, they shall be set out and used in the order they stood at Rawlins or Hanna."


This Agreement is effective immediately and may be terminated by the service of a ten‑day written notice by either party on the other.