December 20 - A final draft has been prepared and is being sent out for ratification by the Local Chairmen.  Some portions of the proposal may be applicable to 2003 vacations.
                                                NEW VACATION PROPOSAL
As you are aware, this office has been working on a modification of the various vacation agreements in effect 
on this property. While the Organization did not get everything it was seeking from the carrier, the final 
proposal is in the process of some minor language changes, and I hope to have the proposal out for a ratification 
process within a week.

In summary, the proposal contains the following:
     1)  Qualified years accumulated by UP employees in other agreement crafts before 
          transferring to train and/or yard service will be included in determining the 
          number of weeks an employee is entitled to for vacation scheduling.

     2)  The ability to schedule all weeks of vacation in one week splits.

     3)  Ability to designate up to 3 weeks of single day vacation.

           a)  A week of single day's vacation for employees holding regular yard service shall consist of 5 days.

           b)  A week of single day's vacation for road service and all extra boards will consist of 7 days.

     4)  Scheduling of vacation will be based upon the location and class of service where 
          the employee was assigned for the preponderance of time from April 1 to September 
          30 rather than where the employee was working on November 15. The date of 
          November 15 would still be used to determine if the employee was working in a craft 
          covered by UTU Agreements and therefore entitled to vacation under UTU 
          Agreements.  If adopted, this provision will not apply until vacations are scheduled for 2004.
D. L. Hazlett, General Chairman