Public Law Board Hearing         

          General Chairman Hazlett, Senior Vice General Chairmen Draskovich and Joslin will travel to Minneapolis, MN, for a Public Law Board hearing on October 9, 2003. Referee Gil Vernon, who served as Neutral during the recent RCO arbitration hearing and wrote the decision upholding UTUís position relating to this issue, will be the Neutral member of this Board.

          A variety of issues will be presented to the Board, including:

    1. Denver Hub Yampa lodging and deadhead claims.
    2. Marysville 25-mile zone claims.
    3. Denver and Salt Lake Hub multiple dogcatching claims.
    4. Pick-ups not first out per Crew Consist.
    5. Are work events performed in the Omaha Metroplex considered  to occur enroute?
    6. Are necessary doubles at intermediate points considered multiple work events?
    7. Determination of the correct method of formulating dovetail rosters in Salt Lake Hub for exercise of seniority in other than prior right zones.
    8. Driving allowance claims
    9. Determination of proper Conductor seniority dates for former CNW employees on Zone 100.

          In addition, four discipline cases will be heard by this Board.

          Senior Vice General Chairmen Draskovich and Taullie will attend Public Law Board hearings in Omaha beginning May 5 to present some 33 discipline cases. This marathon hearing is the result of combining two previously scheduled hearings due to changes in Labor Relations staffing. These cases will be heard by Neutral Zamperini from Denver.