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                                                                                           September 10, 2004


Local Chairpersons
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Denver Hub
Salt Lake Hub
Portland Hub, Zone 1

RE: UPREHS Open Enrollment for Former DRGW and SP Employees

Dear Sirs and Brothers:

This office has reached an agreement with the Union Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroad Employees Health Systems (UPREHS) for an open enrollment for former DRGW and SP employees to join UPREHS.

This open enrollment is a one-time offer only and closes on October 13, 2004.

Members nearing retirement need to be aware that UPREHS requires that an employee have five (5) years of continuous membership with UPREHS in order to apply for and receive retiree benefits. UPREHS has advised this office that the 5-year requirement will be waived if this offer to enroll is accepted by 60 percent of eligible employees. However, this waiver is not guaranteed; members who are planning to retire within the next five years should be aware that this five-year requirement will not be waived if the 60 percent figure is not achieved.

Eligible employees who are interested in the open enrollment offered by UPREHS can contact a UPREHS Member Representative at 1-800-547-0421 or on the Company line at 8-595-4300 for information about UPREHS and an enrollment application.


Dean L Hazlett
General Chairman