Subject: $8 uped and 30 minutes North Platte yard instructor codes added to TCS tie-up screens

Mr. Dean Hazlett
UTU General Chairman


In an effort to improve the product that Timekeeping provides its customers, we have just completed adding "train service instructor" allowance codes to the TCS tie-up screen.  Previously, the conductor had to make the claim by typing in a free form comment, requesting the appropriate allowance along with the student name or number.  The claim was then routed to a Timekeeper for review and processing.  Effective immediately, it will no longer be necessary for the conductor to type in this information provided the student was put on duty in the TCS system with the rest of the crew.  The Conductor should take special care to ensure they do not claim or select the allowance for the student (trainee).

As a reminder, the agreement provides for $8 to UPED conductors in road service or 30 minutes pro-rata to UPED foreman at North Platte yard for instructing a new hire trainman.

In lieu of routing these claims to the timekeeper, we will allow the claims to be paid when claimed by the employee. We will, however, conduct daily audits to ensure employees are making claims in accordance with the agreement provision. Abuses will be reported to the Service Unit Superintendent.  

Help sheets will be revised to reflect this change. Help sheet can be found on the Timekeeping Web site by going to the Union Pacific employee page then clicking Departments then Operating then Timekeeping Index then Operating Personnel then TE&Y Help Sheets.   Other helpful information can also be found on our web page.  

I would greatly appreciate it if you would pyramid this notice down to your chairpersons with a request that they pass it on to the rank and file.  Should a crew member find that we have inadvertently omitted the trainer allowance from any of the boards they work, it can be reported to our customer service center at 800-877-0309.    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Note: This notice does not apply to the Oregon UTU territory where a one dollar per hour allowance applies. Comments will continue to be required on the Oregon until such time as we are able to update our claim screens accordingly.  I will advise you once this area is completed.

Cliff Johnson
Sr. Director - Timekeeping Operations