June 27, 2006
The NCCC makes the following proposal to UTU to resolve all of the parties' respective 
outstanding notices and issues in the current bargaining round.
All prior settlement proposals made to UTU by the NCCC in this bargaining round are 
withdrawn, or UTU invited to discuss crew size adjustments on voluntary basis.
I. Compensation
A. General Wage Increases and/or other forms of compensation
1. Wage freeze during term of Agreement (no GWI's, etc.) for all current employees;
Employees establishing UTU seniority after date of Agreement, full rate of pay 
set at 80% of full rate of position on June 30, 2005.
1. COLA under current UTU National Agreement eliminated on effective date of Agreement.
2. No Harris COLA for periods subsequent to moratorium in New Agreement.
 II. Work Rule Changes to Improve Service and Enhance Productivity
A. Locomotive engineers may use remote control technology without claim by or penalty 
to UTU-represented employees in any class of service other than yard service.
B. Manpower Utilization and Productivity Improvements:
1. Raise Health and Welfare Plan coverage eligibility requirement from seven (7) to 
fifteen (15) calendar days during qualifying month.
2. Increase preceding calendar year rendered service requirement to qualify for annual 
vacation from 240 to 300 basic days in miles or hours paid for.
3. Implement "standing bid" ("application") system for all assignments
4. Revise existing rules concerning displacement as follows:
a. Reduce period for exercising displacement right to 12 hours (from time  
notified), except where shorter time period now in effect.  If right not 
exercised within this period, railroad may assign employee to any extra 
board or vacant position on employee's seniority district;
b. Require employee to occupy current position for at least 180 days before 
exercising voluntary displacement to another position;
c. When exercising displacement right to a freight pool or extra board, 
employee must displace junior employee; 
d. eliminate any rules that allow an employee to temporarily displace onto 
another position. 
5. Employee must occupy current position for at least 180 days before being 
permitted to voluntarily bid on new assignment or permanent vacancy.
6. Employees assigned to a freight pool cannot bid or bump to a vacant or 
new turn in the same freight pool.
7. Eliminate any existing daily mark-up/preference rules in yard service.
III. Health and Welfare
A. Effective July 1, 2006, employees will contribute, on a monthly basis through 
a pre-tax payroll deduction:
1. 20% of the cost (NHR FO medical payment rate plus Life/AD&D rate) of the 
National Railway Carriers/UTU Health and Welfare Plan;
2. 20% of the monthly payment rate of the National Dental Plan;
3. 20% of the monthly payment rate of the National Vision Plan;
4. 20% of the monthly payment rate of the Yardmasters' Supplemental Sickness 
Benefit Plan (YM only).
B. Effective July 1 of each succeeding year, above-described employee contributions will 
be increased by one-half of the year-over year increase in the costs of each of the 
respective Plans.
C. Affected employees may elect to forego coverage for themselves (and their dependents 
where applicable) under the Dental, Vision, and/or SSB Plans described above, to the 
extent permitted by law.
D. Effective January 1, 2007, implement the following Plan design changes to reduce the 
cost to provide Plan benefits:   
 1. MMCP
a. In-Network:
i. Annual Deductible: $500/IndividuaI; $l,500/Family;
ii. Coinsurance 10%;
iii. Annual Out-of-Pocket Max: $l,500/Individual; $3,000/Family.
b. Out-of-Network:
i. Annual Deductible: $l,000/Individual; $3,000/Family;
ii. Coinsurance 30%;
iii. Annual Out-of-Pocket Max: $2,500/Individual; $5,000/Family.
i. Annual Deductible: $750/Individual; $2,250/Family;

ii. Coinsurance 20% (30% in MMCP areas);
iii. Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum: $2,000/Individual; $4,000/Family.    
3. Prescription Drug Co-pays:
i. In-Network:
Retail or Mail Order:
- 10% Generic
- 20% Brand on-formulary
- 30% Brand off-formulary
$ 10 minimum co-pay
ii. Out-of-Network:
- 30% Generic
- 40% Brand on-formulary
- 50% Brand off-formulary
* New design will apply to individuals that retire effective on or 
after January 1, 2007
E. Eliminate Basic Health Care Benefit.
F. Revise definition of "dependent" under the medical, dental, and vision plans to 
conform with generally accepted standards.
IV. Training:
A. Revise existing agreements concerning training as provided below:
1. Eliminate any provisions that establish or specify a minimum training period.
2. Provide that a carrier, if and to the extent it elects to use peer trainers or 
similar positions, shall have the exclusive right of selection with respect, to 
such positions.   
B. Extend probationary period to 275 days and provide that such period shall commence on 
the first day the employee is qualified for and performs service as a trainman/yardman.
C. If an employee is assigned to a position for which the railroad must furnish training 
(including familiarization or qualification trips), the employee must remain on that 
position for at least 180 days after completion of such training before he/she may be 
displaced from that position.
D. Training oversight committees shall be established on each railroad consisting of 
two (2) individuals selected by UTU and various railroad representatives to discuss 
training issues and concerns and make recommendations for improvements.
V. Miscellaneous:
A. Job Actions
In addition to prohibitions imposed by law or by existing
agreements, UTU (officers, employees, agents etc.) shall provide at
least ten (10) days advance written notice to affected railroad(s) of
any strike, picket, boycott, slowdown, or other self-help activity,
whether directed at the railroad(s) or other parties.
B. Moratorium:
Agreement settles all outstanding proposals on both sides and
ensures labor peace through term of Agreement (12/31/09).